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ZAKYNTHOS – 2000 years of life

It’s unbelievable that a single being can exist for so long! Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – 2000 years of life”


CFFC – Icy dough

Do you see the consistency of the snow over these Alps’ peaks? Continue reading “CFFC – Icy dough”

WPC – Forest of flowers

Have we landed in the middle of gigants’ world? Continue reading “WPC – Forest of flowers”

ZAKYNTHOS – My private paradise

This is the place I should end up next time when I go to Zakynthos. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – My private paradise”

CFFC – I’m riding a bison!

And I’m too small to understand that it is an artificial one. Continue reading “CFFC – I’m riding a bison!”

WPC – Bundle of … baloons

If you give it a full bundle, your little child would be in heaven! Continue reading “WPC – Bundle of … baloons”

ZAKYNTHOS – Hundred of beaches

Summer holidays are too short to visit all of them. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Hundred of beaches”

CFFC – Blue pigeons

This painting is not exhibited in a museum. Continue reading “CFFC – Blue pigeons”

WPC – Through the hole

We tend to imply that windows open us up to the new worlds. Continue reading “WPC – Through the hole”

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