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April 2016

MAROCCO – Start of a journey

Today I start my story about聽Marocco. I hope, it will be enjoyed specially by the author of “Nareszcie urlop” 馃檪聽But before I reached Marocco, I saw the Alps. From the air they look even more royal … Continue reading “MAROCCO – Start of a journey”


CFFC – Armenian yellow and red paintings

I have a unique possibility to learn more about beautiful Armenian art. Their society in Gliwice is located in the same building that I live, just two floors below. Continue reading “CFFC – Armenian yellow and red paintings”

Beguinages of Ghent – Begina偶e gandawskie

In Belgium beguinages survived in a few towns: Ghent, Brugge, Kortrijk.

W Belgii begina偶e przetrwa艂y w kilku miastach: Gandawie, Brugii, Kortrijk. Continue reading “Beguinages of Ghent – Begina偶e gandawskie”

WPC – Abstract

I shot a photo today. Then checked the WPC and found out that my pictures suits the theme perfectly!

I wonder if anyone would know, what this photo represents …. Continue reading “WPC – Abstract”

Last beguine – Ostatnia beginka

Beguinages that survived till present times come usually from XVI and XVII centuries.

Begina偶e, kt贸re przetrwa艂y do naszych czas贸w, pochodz膮 najcz臋艣ciej z XVI i XVII wieku. Continue reading “Last beguine – Ostatnia beginka”

CFFC – Happy artists

Performing art can be a perfect source of happiness. Look at the faces of Alexandrov’s choir and ballet. They seem to enjoy every minute of their dancing and singing. Continue reading “CFFC – Happy artists”

Beguines working – Beginki pracuj膮ce

Though beguines lived in their enclaves surrounded with walls, they do not lock themselves there as nuns or monks.

Cho膰 beginki 偶y艂y w swoich enklawach otoczonych murem, nie zamyka艂y si臋 w nich jak mniszki lub zakonnicy. Continue reading “Beguines working – Beginki pracuj膮ce”

Equality of beguines – R贸wnouprawnienie beginek

Beguines wore special clothes, very similar to the monastic habits and for that reason they were mistaken with nuns.

Beginki mia艂y specjalne stroje, bardzo podobne do klasztornych habit贸w, dlatego cz臋sto mylono je z zakonnicami. Continue reading “Equality of beguines – R贸wnouprawnienie beginek”

CHALLENGE – Proud of a checkered skirt

Scots are very proud of their identity and uniqueness. They show off who they are and are not ashamed even of quite old-fashioned elemets of their culture and tradition. Continue reading “CHALLENGE – Proud of a checkered skirt”

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