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May 2016

MARRAKESH – Funnel entrance

You enter Marrakesh as if you drive into a funnel. At the beginning you follow a wide 2-lines road with the view on Kutubijja mosque. Then the narrower street leads you along the pink walls of medyna. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Funnel entrance”


MAROCCO – Border of clouds

And the next strange Marrocan phenomenon: country’s interior is guarded by a huge heap of clouds pouring over the peaks. Insite it, little rain was falling. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Border of clouds”

MAROCCO – Concrete snakes

August is the driest month in Marocco. But from November till spring lasts so called “rainy season”. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Concrete snakes”

CFFC – Red bricks and little chapels

You would know from the first look that you are in Belgium. The old towns of Ghent, Brugge or Andwerp are full of red-bricked buildings of 200, 300 or 400 years of age. Continue reading “CFFC – Red bricks and little chapels”

MAROCCO – Through Atlas Mountains

Road to Marrakesh leads us through Atlas Mountains. Their peaks exceed the height of our Tatra Range. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Through Atlas Mountains”

MAROCCO – On highway to Marrakesh

Though the highway inside Marocco was opened not a long time ago, its influence on the massive tourism is already visible. Continue reading “MAROCCO – On highway to Marrakesh”

ESSAOUIRA – Narrow streets of medyna

So we say farewell to Essaouira, walking back for a while in quiet and narrow streets of medyna. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Narrow streets of medyna”

ESSAOUIRA – Purple Islands

From walls of Essaouira we can easily see Purple Islands (Ile de Mogador). Crowds of seagulls and protected Eleonora’s falcons slide over the remians of old prison. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Purple Islands”

ESSAOUIRA – Bamboo juice

Some places on suk in Essaouira resembled our street markets from the democratic breakthrough. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Bamboo juice”

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