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July 2016

AGADIR – Tolerant Berbers

Berbers build up almost 50% of Maroccan population. Their ancestors had lived in north Marocco centuries before Arabs have ever come. Their writing resembles a bit Greek letters. Continue reading “AGADIR – Tolerant Berbers”


CFFC – Wooden stairs of Madeira

Madeira island is all about peaks and hills. Ideal conditions for the water to fall fast down. Continue reading “CFFC – Wooden stairs of Madeira”

AGADIR – Bundles of hens

A separate part of suk was devoted to birds’ market. Living animals were sitting squeezed in tiny cages or layed down on the ground with their feet tied in bundles like parsley. Continue reading “AGADIR – Bundles of hens”

CFFC – Underground rails

There are hundreds of meters of these rails in the old Guido coal mine in Zabrze (south of Poland). They are located on 3 levels, the deepest being 355 meters below the ground. Continue reading “CFFC – Underground rails”

AGADIR – Smell of spices in the air

There odors on suk came mostly from spices and herbs, piled in little mountains and hills as well. I was especially delighted with the big bundles of peppermint that is added here to every single heavily sweetened tea (which is drunk in Marocco in litres). Continue reading “AGADIR – Smell of spices in the air”

AGADIR – Piles of carrots and olives

I come back on suk in Agadir. It’s ready and vivid. Here carrots are not sold in one piece or ten, but in whole piles gathered in mountains a little bit against gravity rules. Colors and odors simply intoxicate! Continue reading “AGADIR – Piles of carrots and olives”

AGADIR – Market of old trash

In poor district of ordinary Maroccans (not tourists) an alternative suk exists – market of old stuff. Broken furniture, plastic bags, junk and other treasures. On boxes “sellers” are sitting and drinking morning tea. Continue reading “AGADIR – Market of old trash”

WPC – Do you know this picture?

I noticed, you like more challenges within existing challenges 😉 So today try yourself in the field of art… Continue reading “WPC – Do you know this picture?”

AGADIR – District of poverty

Waiting for suk to wake up, I go out to the other part of town – district of poverty. Here pavements are plowed with holes, streets littered and houses tiny and and neglected. Continue reading “AGADIR – District of poverty”

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