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August 2016

WPC – Through the hole …

Quite often we are competely unaware of beautiful worlds laying just behind the wall. Continue reading “WPC – Through the hole …”


Cloister in Žice – Klasztor w Žice

The heart of monstery consists of romanesque church of St. John the Baptist or – in fact – the romantic ruins of it. Roof collapsed completely, decorations of the interiors vanished. Continue reading “Cloister in Žice – Klasztor w Žice”

CFFC – Flying god

Do you remember which Greek god has wings on his helmet? And why? Continue reading “CFFC – Flying god”

WPC – It’s a rare gift …

It’s a rare gift to be able to see an angel. And if you could see many of them? … Continue reading “WPC – It’s a rare gift …”

Silence and prayers – Cisza i modlitwa

It’s still dark. In the chilly morning white hooted men gather in the corridors and walk slowly to the soaring cathedral. Piercing silence is disturbed only by the rustle of monk’s frocks and the wispers: “Memento mori” – “Remember that you’ll die”. Continue reading “Silence and prayers – Cisza i modlitwa”

CFFC – Hands raised to heaven

Do we put our hands up to thank or to beg for mercy? Are we heard and rewarded? Continue reading “CFFC – Hands raised to heaven”

MAROCCO – Farewell

I hope that you enjoyed my report from Marocco. It’s time to say good-bye to this mysterious and still so little discovered country. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Farewell”

MAROCCO – Spots of life

Marocco – at least in August – is dry and barren. Poor vegetation congeal in the heat waiting for rain season. The only flowers and fruits can grow when watered by people. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Spots of life”

AGADIR – Ascetic mosques

I was astonished with the ascetic look of Maroccan mosques and little decoration on them (from outside as interiors were not accessable for non-believers). One more ornamented temple I found in Agadir. Continue reading “AGADIR – Ascetic mosques”

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