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September 2016

ROME – Unity with Manja Mexi Movie

I just had to post these few photos today 😀 As an act of unity with the latest article of Manja about Vatican Museums. Continue reading “ROME – Unity with Manja Mexi Movie”


WPC – Hunger for quests

Where are these ships heading to? What monsters will they face and which treasures will they bring back? Continue reading “WPC – Hunger for quests”

SLOVENIA – Movable roof over Terme in Laško

This water park is really extraordinary. Big part of the pools is hidden under the dome of glass. Continue reading “SLOVENIA – Movable roof over Terme in Laško”

CFFC – Into the heart of sunset

The most spectacular shows over the clouds are created during sunsets (or sunrises). Especially considering that on the earth it’s already dark night. Continue reading “CFFC – Into the heart of sunset”

SLOVENIA – Water park Olimje

Situated almost at the border with Croatia, it attracts much more tourists. But still we could find empty sunbeds there and our space inside th pools. Continue reading “SLOVENIA – Water park Olimje”

CFFC – Ghost or monster?

White face and black narrow eyes gittering in the dark. Do you know this creature? Continue reading “CFFC – Ghost or monster?”

WPC – At the edge of universe

Above the clouds the world can always surprise you. You just need to keep your mind and eyes wide open. Continue reading “WPC – At the edge of universe”

SLOVENIA – Hot waters in Zreče

Today we will start a short walk through water complexes in eastern Slovenia. It will begin in Zreče – small and cosy water park in a little village, some 40 km south from Maribor. Continue reading “SLOVENIA – Hot waters in Zreče”

WPC – Mirror in the garden?…

Why this mirror was placed on the terrace of a palace? For the building to look into it and ask: “Am I the most beautiful structure in the world?  😉 Continue reading “WPC – Mirror in the garden?…”

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