This water park is really extraordinary. Big part of the pools is hidden under the dome of glass.


It looks like astrological observatory, especially that the upper part of dome moves around. During the day it’s half open letting the warm air in. When the sun sets and it cools down the roof is being shut. It operates so quietly that we didn’t even notice when it happened.


There are several different pools inside the dome and outside, in various temperatures. 3 jakuzzi round pools are situated over the big one at the bottom. Another round pool hangs over the river bank.


Children can enjoy a few waterslides, some twisted as snail’s shell. There is also a set of pools with hot and cold (very!) water that you can walk throught (for better blood circulation, I guess).


Here you can’t really get bored!

In my next post I will write about the beer produced locally in Laško.