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October 2016

WPC – Good companions …

They look like three men having very good time together. But are they really? Continue reading “WPC – Good companions …”


OLIMJE – Old pharmacy

Supposedly it’s one of the three oldest pharmacies in Europe. Continue reading “OLIMJE – Old pharmacy”

CFFC – Black & white barn

Black are the wooden logs and white – the plasters coverning the infills. Continue reading “CFFC – Black & white barn”

WPC – Shining leaf of autumn

To get this effect you need warm light of autumn heading towards winter and a meadow somewhere in Poland. Continue reading “WPC – Shining leaf of autumn”

OLIMJE – Cloister in a castle

In XVII century it was just an abandoned castle. Thanks to the monks it turned into flourishing cloister. Continue reading “OLIMJE – Cloister in a castle”

CFFC – Princesses’ fans

If you are a real princess, you need at least one. Especially when you are not completely grow-up 😉 Continue reading “CFFC – Princesses’ fans”

WPC – German influence

Silesia is Polish since the end of II WW. But the German “soul” can still be felt here. Continue reading “WPC – German influence”

SLOVENIA – Charming little Laško

When in Laško you really shall have a short walk along the old city. Continue reading “SLOVENIA – Charming little Laško”

CFFC – Yellow fortress of Funchal

Its deep yellow colour grabs your attention but as you approach it, the deterioration is much visible. Continue reading “CFFC – Yellow fortress of Funchal”

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