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November 2016

WPC – Szopka

“Szopka” is the Polish name for the visualization of the moment when Jesus came to human world as a child. Continue reading “WPC – Szopka”


GORENJE – Tiny mountain village

I firstly found the hotel and liked it a lot. Then I opened Google Maps and jumped into the heart of the village. Continue reading “GORENJE – Tiny mountain village”

CFFC – Ornamented windows

Now we produce them mostly of plastic. But their wooden predessesors were much more romantic. Continue reading “CFFC – Ornamented windows”

WPC – How do they arise?

For me it will always be a magical process. Even if I know the rules of physics. Continue reading “WPC – How do they arise?”

GORENJE – You must get up early!

To be completely enchanted by the Slovenian nature you have to meet the raising sun. Continue reading “GORENJE – You must get up early!”

CFFC – Thatched roofs

Though they were just twisted straws, no drops of water were going through. Continue reading “CFFC – Thatched roofs”

WPC – Are we really tiny?

These birds look very tiny. But in reality … Continue reading “WPC – Are we really tiny?”

OLIMJE – Herbs and flowers gardens

Herbs are used by monks for healing and flowers are needed for their bees. Continue reading “OLIMJE – Herbs and flowers gardens”

CFFC – Doors to beehives

A century ago beehives were made out of tree logs cored inside. Continue reading “CFFC – Doors to beehives”

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