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December 2016

CFFC – Tripple

Three gooses or three-headed bird dragon? Continue reading “CFFC – Tripple”


POLAND – Skiing in Stożek

Last Saturday we opened the ski season of the year. Sun was shining over the heaps of snow and frozen ice formations. Continue reading “POLAND – Skiing in Stożek”

WPC – Coal miner path

350 meters under the ground level. In almost complete darkness… Continue reading “WPC – Coal miner path”

CFFC – The acrobat

A man with scythe is going over the rope? Continue reading “CFFC – The acrobat”

GORENJE – Chapels and church

Slovenians seem to be as religious as the Poles. At least in the countryside. Continue reading “GORENJE – Chapels and church”

CFFC – Escape ladder

During past centuries many wars and battles were rolling over Slovenia. Continue reading “CFFC – Escape ladder”

WPC – Will I become a king?

They will crown me and bow whenever they see me. Or? Whose that man looking at me? … Continue reading “WPC – Will I become a king?”

GORENJE – Garden drone

Our first meeting “face to face” ended with a big surprise. Continue reading “GORENJE – Garden drone”

WPC – What’s behind there?

Another shore? A better life? New challenge that we should take up? Continue reading “WPC – What’s behind there?”

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