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January 2017

DOBROWODA = Good water

Water in this region is full of sulfur. Very useful for some healthy ailments but not much tasty. Except for Dobrowoda. Continue reading “DOBROWODA = Good water”


CFFC – Velo-ciraptor

It’s a dangerous animal (if it’s alive it would surely eat you). But … Continue reading “CFFC – Velo-ciraptor”

WPC – Little brushes

No more then a straw and a tiny brush on the top, all wrapped in freeze. But how much grace in it! Continue reading “WPC – Little brushes”

NOWY KORCZYN – Jews were in majority

In 1921 Jews constituted 67 % of city’s inhebitants. They grew in numbers since XVI century when king Jan Kazimierz approved their settlement here. Continue reading “NOWY KORCZYN – Jews were in majority”

CFFC – Air Force One

A famous aircraft of American president looking like real. But you cannot fly with it. Continue reading “CFFC – Air Force One”

NOWY KORCZYN – Jesuits come and go

The second convent that left its marks in Nowy Korczyn were Jesuits. Their residence was quite short however. Continue reading “NOWY KORCZYN – Jesuits come and go”

CFFC – Old and new barn

New on the left hand side, old – on the right. The connection is hidden behind the tree. Continue reading “CFFC – Old and new barn”

WPC – Nostalgic sunrise

For me the most unique ambience will always be created by nature. Its shapes, colours, sounds and smells cannot be replaced by any artificial factors. Continue reading “WPC – Nostalgic sunrise”

NOWY KORCZYN – Franciscans Cloister

In XIII century one of the biggest towns in Poland. A settlement of kings, noble men and important meetings. Continue reading “NOWY KORCZYN – Franciscans Cloister”

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