I suppose, many of you know this Christmas idea: a lot of lights, colours, sounds and tastes.

To Poland this custom came from Germany and Austria. One of the best implementation you can find in Wrocław (south-west Poland and once – 70 years ago – a German town).

Wrocław has one of the biggest town markets in Poland. On 3 sides of this vast square place the stands are situated. You will see there everything a child would love to have: colorful toys and heaps of sweets.

Adults would enjoy food and drinks from different regions and even countries (France, Austria, Ukraine) and handcraft masterpieces.

You can end up the visit with a cup of hot wine with herbs (GRZANIEC) in the restaurant resembling a train 🙂


If you hasn’t seen Wrocław Christmas market this year, don’t miss it in 2017!

All the best for this new year for all my devoted reades :):)