In XIII century one of the biggest towns in Poland. A settlement of kings, noble men and important meetings.

Nowy Korczyn (south-east Poland) was mostly supported by king Bolesław the Shy and his wife queen Kinga. They founded there a cloister for Franciscan monks. Their red-bricked walls draw immediate attention when passing by on the main road.

From one side the entrance through the gate is guarded by 4 stone statues resembling saints. They look so real that I starred at them for a long while.


Further on you reach a tall column in white with a statue on a top. The twists around it are decorated with angels’ heads and wings. The faces smiled to me …


The interior’s walls are heavily covered with paintings, but it was too dark there to take good pictures.

The monks left the cloister at the end of XX century but their “souls” are still there …

Franciscans were not the only monks in Nowy Korczyn. I will tell you about the others in my next post.