The second convent that left its marks in Nowy Korczyn were Jesuits. Their residence was quite short however.

In 1585 they took over the church of St. Trinity that was built around XIII century. They got into conflict with the Franciscans, went to the court and lost. Disappointed with the result, they soon left the town for good.

It’s the main triangle portal that stricks my attention from the start. I rise my head up to stare at the stony statues in two raws.


The entrance doors are rimmed with decorations. Two outer arcades conceal paintings parcially fading away and the statue of Jesus.


I have a short walk along the stations of The Way of the Cross. At the end I reach the self-standing  bell tower that matches well the colorfull houses –  once properties of the city’s Jews. But about them I will tell you more in my next post.