In 1921 Jews constituted 67 % of city’s inhebitants. They grew in numbers since XVI century when king Jan Kazimierz approved their settlement here.

I didn’t have much time so I only circled around the main market of Nowy Korczyn in the car. But the type of architecture was obvious – dumpy little houses glued one to another. In XVIII century Jewish sociaty built the synagogue – people say, they used the material from the old castle.


It’s a bit sad place nowedays. Almost only the bare walls remained. But if you have a good imagination you can figure out the former majesty of this building.

I walked through a forged gate into the first smaller room and then under a stony arch to a vast open space. Above me was only the sky …


Two lions with golden manes were still guarding the holy place for Tora. I stood for a while in complete silence, breathing the old times of glory …


Then I left Nowy Korczyn and headed towards Dobrowoda (in my next post).