Water in this region is full of sulfur. Very useful for some healthy ailments but not much tasty. Except for Dobrowoda.

Straight translation means “good” (dobra) and “water” (woda). To compare with the other places around, local water has nice flavour and can be drunk with pleasure.

In XIV century a stony church of St. Mary Magdalena was erected in the centre of the village. Located on a little hill, it strikes my attention from the very start.

The church is closed so I only have a short walk around. Above the main entrance I notice a few coats of arms. The one in the centre is probably Leliwa – the symbol of one of the church’s donnors.


At the back stands the wooden bell-tower and the statue of St. Nepomucen.


I walk down the stairs and give the church the last look. From that angle it resembles a small castle, doesn’t it?