A man had a dream: I want to be rich. He was a captain of a ship.

He thought (like so many of us): I need just one deal, one successful transaction. And than I can live like a king for the rest of my life.

He packed his ship with loads of cigarettes to sell them illigally to a contractor on the island. But the partner cheated him and didn’t turn up. So he sailed around Zakynthos for 3 days trying to escape the guards.

On the third day the ship crashed over the rocks and sat down on the Shipwreck Bay for good.

Wreck of the ship

There is a rumour that the unloyal partner watched the ship and was the first to reach it after the crash. He stole all the cigarettes and lived a reach life ever …

This story happened in 1982 and was passed to us by our guide from Magictours agency.

Is it true? Possibly. But you must judge it for yourself 😀

Crystal clear water

The Shipwreck Bay can be seen from above or direcly from the beach (it is not accessable from the land).

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