This is the place I should end up next time when I go to Zakynthos.

But first let me present you two other beaches:

Mavratzi Beach

It took me just a few minutes to cross it from one side to the other. But it was sandy and with little waves, similar to Polish coast. It was “our place”, the one belonging to our hotel. Surprisingly guiet and picturesque, especially at dawns and dusks.

Roma Beach

I walked to it on very early and greeted it with the first beams of sun. Narrow and stony. It was good to see it still silent in the morning breeze but I was happy, it’s not our beach.

Vrahos Beach

This is a place from my dreams. Sand under my feet, rocks on the sides, little waves in front. I sat on the beach chair and dreamt away (that I’m alone on the isolated isle). I reached that beach on the very last day of my stay. Otherwise I would come there every morning …