We were led to the “secret” room behind the main altar to see these treasures.

The church of Holly Marry together with the abbey were built for Dominicans by Jan Ossoliński (father). Last monk died in 1901 and the cloister played other roles (school among others).

The whole complex still draws much attention. Snow white walls contrast with red roofs and green grass around. The buildings are surrounded with stony walls equipped with an archy entrance gate.

The interiors are mostly baroque. We walked between two rows of decorated seats (stalle). The ones on the right were just refurbished. The ones on the left – still in previous shape. To say the truth, I liked the left ones much more 😉

The greatest treasures were hidden behind the altar. The ceilings and walls were decorated with old frescos, partially renewed. Unluckily we had only a few minutes to photograph them. We certainly shall come back to make a proper photo session.