Just a short stroll away magnificient Warta river meanders in the valley.

We arrive to Obrzycko palace by chance, on the way to our friends in Biała (I will describe it in my next post). But we are so enchanted that we wander around for an hour.

The palace was built in 1862 by a noble Polish family – Raczyńscy. At first we see white main building with a tower and two clocks on it: mechanical and solar.

The coat of arm is engraved over the main doors and two calks (lions with eagel’s head and wings) look at us from the back entrance (one is on the main photo).

The palace rooms now a hotel and conferences halls of a University in Poznań. Two kind silver-hair ladies let us peek inside to see wooden staircase and an old mirror.

They also encourage us to step down behind the palace to the river bank where we star at the nature’s beauty whilst our daughter “hunts” for the frogs ;D