A country of stunning beauty, tiny land hidden in high mountains, a nation of proud and stubborn people.

Somehow similar to Poland with its years of dependence and countless fights for freedom.

As usual before leaving for a new country I tried to gather as much information about it as possible. But this time it wasn’t easy. The national epos „Mountain Wreath” was unobtainable for buying. Most of the literature was written only in Serbian as Montenegro was under influence of Serbia for long years. I could mostly rely on photos from internet, unfailing bloggers and a guide in Polish.

I left for Montenegro with my sister on July 22. The flight was short (around 2 hours). We arrived at a small airport in Podgorica in the evening and went through a fight with the car rental office as my card was not enough „credit” ☹

The journey from airport to the centre of capital took us circa half an hour. Luckily the car was equipped with navigation. Despite that we had to call our first host as most of the streets in Montenegro bare no nameplates. We even asked the passerbys for help but they seemed to be lost as much as we were. What’s more we had to wait in the car for half an hour as the Serbian footballers were just playing against Russians in International Championships and our host couldn’t miss it ;(

We ate national dishes in a local restaurant sensing the storm coming over. It hit by night. The wind was howling like a herd of wolves, splashing rain on the windows. I had a bad dream that our car was damaged …

Morning greeted us with sun. We went for a short walk to see the remnants of the old city in Stara Varos (the rest was destroyed in a huge earthquake in 1979). We saw a few narrow streets with tiny houses, a Clock Tower (Sahat-kula) and a mosque that we could even enter (it was opened with nobody inside).

After a breakfast we headed off for our trip around Montenegro. We started with Moraca Valley … (read more in my next post)