Bjelasica range is mostly known from Biogradski Lake and a very old forest with trees reaching up to 400 years of age.

 The road behind Moraca Monastery gets even narrower and more winding. We left Kolasin behind and looked for a way out to Biogradska Mountain. We noticed it right after we passed it. Another difficult turn around. It was a path over a bridge on Tara river. A one-car route (though Montenegrins would argue with that 😉) brought us up to a parking place by Biogradski Lake.

We got out of car and … felt frozen. It was less than 10 degrees C. We quickly changed for trousers, trainers and hoodies. At the main point a wooden promenade enters the lake. It’s a good spot to shoot a photo with the boats and kayaks around. But the shade of water is rather dark (at least at that moment of the day – early afternoon).

Much better colour of water can be seen from the side of the lake. We took a path on the left following the rim of lake. We stepped into an ancient forest with fat trees and large stones covered with moss. It reminded me of the dump woods in Scotland and … Fangorn forest in „The Lord of the Rings”. Chilled but amazed, we returned to the car after an hour.

We left Biogradska Mountain but not Tara river. We accompanied her for the rest of the day … (more in my next post)