The Bridge over Tara is the most often mentioned „treasure” of North Montenegro. But the real beauty we found by chance just aside the road.

After saying good-bye to Bjelasica we continued on the road to the north up to Mojkovac where we turned left. The mountains were gradually growing higher and moving closer to the road. We felt like being squeezed by them. Tara river was floating somewhere below and we couldn’t find a place to stop and search for it.

And then I noticed a parking place on the right with a little waterfall nearby. We stopped and discovered two miracles. First was the waterfall splashing over big stones fully covered with moss. What a view!

And then we crossed the road and stepped down. Tara river was just below our feet and the colour of water simply took our breath. That was it! The picture we wished to keep in our minds and in our cameras.

In the afternoon we reached famous Bridge over Tara. It holds a side road that leads to Pljevlja on the Serbian border. It’s a huge concrete structure, not even especially nice, looking much better on the photo that I took then in reality. Yet the distance between its top and the canyon’s bottom amounts to 151 m, so we felt a bit uncomfortable looking down…

We ate soups and szopska salad and headed to Zabljak – our sleeping stop for that day (more in my next post)