It might sound so obvious: love will overcome any trouble. But what does love exactly mean?

I have been learning it all this year. My daughter entered a teenage, started to have “humours”, didn’t want to do homework. She got on my nerves with her laziness, unkind words and still worse notes at schools.

We began to quarrel and shout on each other. Then came the tears and apologizing. And the next day the same sine wave.

I’m still on this path but I see it more and more clearly that I need to look at my daughter through love. Love meaning forgiveness, patience, wisdom, ability to step back and concede, a willingness to confess of making mistakes.

I believe your Christmas will be filled with love that does not hold offence and always sees hope, no matter how hard times you went through.

PS. The Christmas drawing was made by my daughter and me and became a face of our Christmas cards this year.