An area of incredible beauty, wild and empty. If to remember anything from Montenegro that must be Durmitor.

The Black Lake and Zabljak lay in fact already in Durmitor. But it’s the narrow road from Zabljak to Pluzine from where you can see the heart of this nature’s miracle. When we turned right from the main route to Niksic we were not sure if we would get anywhere. The path was getting slimmer, climbed higher and no other cars were following us. But the landscapes around were so exceptional, we didn’t want to turn back.

Durmitor mountains are quite high, exceeding 2000 meters. It was end of June. The skies were almost clear but strong wing was blowing all the time. We made numerous stops to shoot photos but returned to the car still more frozen. Yet we couldn’t deprive us from commemorating these natures’s masterpieces.

Finally, we reached the saddle. We got out of car and the wind almost blew as away! We put on everything we had but got frozen to the bones within a few minutes (the temperature fell down to 5 degrees C). Nonetheless, we stood there amazed for a long while. You can hear the howling wind on my video below.

The path then went down in big curves. We saw motorcyclists enjoying the speed and bends so we let them through. We slowly swung right and left, right and left .. until we spotted a country bar. Under huge smoked cow legs we ate a warm soup (we longed for it so much!) and headed for the Valley of Piva (more in my next post).