I would argue if Piva Canyon is less spectacular then Tara one. For sure the colour of water is awesome!

The first glimpse on Piva Canyon we had still from the Durmitor heights. We stopped on the road curve and right under our feet – but some hundreds of metres down – the valley wrighted among the rocks. And from that point the water was the most blue 😉

It was another long set of right and left bends to bring us to the bottom. At the end we entered a tunnel which roomed … a crossroad! We turned left and then right to get on the narrow road winding alongside Piva river.

We continued until a huge damm (a „trigger” that created Piva lake) and then turned back (further was only Croatia). We followed the same route searching for suitable places to take photos. But the colour of water was no longer so beautiful as from above…

Before settling in Pluzine for the night, we decided to visit Piva monastery. From the main road to Niksic we turned right and then sharp left. We stopped on the parking place and entered the monastery.

It’s not huge and with little decorations outside. Grey-white stony building with the small entrance on the side. The admitance was free of charge and we even could shoot photos. And there was a lot of things to capture. The walls were covered with paintings, in front of ikonostas a huge round chandelier was hanging. The furniture was inlaid.

After half an hour we went outside and rested in a small rosen garden. There were just few more visitors beside us, such a difference from Moraca monastery. The sun was shining, silence all around us, a perfect place to contemplate …

Before going to sleep we still wandered a bit across Pluzine, a tiny town at the end of Piva lake. The  sun was setting behind the peaks and we were eating barbecue meals and drinking home-made juice in a cosy restaurant. Fidel and Che were looking on us from the wall …

The main aim of the next day was to reach Cetinje – former capitol of Montenegro (more in my next post…)