Lovcen seems to me much similar to Durmitor. The same grey and white rocks covered with different shades of green.

First trial to find the way got us to a newly built road that would soon help to reach the Mausoleum more comfortably. But on some point it was still closed (under construction). We went back all the curves down and tried another route, much narrower and dangerous.

It was my turn to drive the car and I would remember it for long. In my opinion it was a path just for one car with a bit of asphalt in the centre. Passing by another car was already a challenge. Going by a bus would bring me to a heart attack, let alone two buses passing one by another (and we saw from the top that it was possible!).

There were no barriers on the road’s sides while at least on one side at a time a deep abbeys opened. I must admit that I drove 20 km / h and especially on curves I thought it’s still too fast. Getting to the top of Jezerski vrh took me almost an hour. An hour that I would remember for long. I got out of the car and realized, my body is trembling.

But the landscapes around paid it off. You can judge it by your own 😊 We climbed hundreds of steps to reach the top, partially in the open air and the second part in a kind of steep tunnel. The entrance to the Mausoleum looks like a ancient temple of a pharaoh. Huge statues greeted us at the doors. Inside the eyes of colossal statue of Petr II Petrovic-Njegos watched us from the high (the sculpture in black granite is almost 4 meters high).

At the back of statue steps down led us to the sarcophagus of Njegos. Then up again we arrived on a small path that ended in the round platform (kind of eagle’s nest). We could see Lovcen mountains all around. Grey and green hills, under a bit cloudy sky, majestic and everlasting. We admired the view for a long while.

Then down all the steps and trip back to Cetinje (this time my sister was driving 😉). The plan for next day was to finally reach the sea … (more in  my next post)