That is the one seaside town that I would recommend to you. For one day of visiting and an evening in a cosy restaurant.

On the road from Budva to Tivat we turned right on a roundabout. Then we should enter a tunnel (more than 1 km long). Yet we met there a queue of other cars. We thought, an accident happened but there was no other way to avoid it. We spent more than an hour moving through the tunnel like a snail. I didn’t see any escape doors and feared what to do if we start to choke with the exhaust fumes. Luckily we got out of the tunnel safely.

Unfortunately the queue didn’t end there. It turned out that it’s an ordinary state of traffic every day during summer! So if you want to visit Kotor during holidays, better reserve at least 2 hours to get to its centre.

Old town in Kotor is surrounded with stony walls similarly to Budva but it’s significantly bigger. The main street across the town is crowded but on the side paths you can find more peace. Yet we started with lunch and typical maritime dishes: fish soup (ufff! rather spicy) and giant shrimps (mniam!).

Then we wandered around the town. We visited St. Trifune cathedral (nice mixture of sculptures and bricks) that roomed also a treasury. While visiting it, we heard some choir singing. We went back to the main nave and listened to two Norwegian choirs performing emotionally. You have to listen at least to this one:

Late afternoon we devoted to climbing the citadel, high on the mountain’s top.  The path is narrow and steep, some parts are covered with cobalt stones that are very slippery, especially when descending. The views are however breath-taking. Advised by some bloggers we made our journey around 5 p.m. when sun was setting slowly behind Vrmac Peninsula. The bay, large cruise ship in the harbour and the hills all around caught a special afternoon shade that we admired a lot.

The citadel is much devastated with no exhibition or so ever. We walked among stony remnants for a while and headed downwards. At one place a Russian rapper was performing his new song being video-recorded by his colleague. We listened to him for a moment. The shadow was coming over so we rushed down.

It was time for a supper in one of hundreds’ restaurants in the old town. Suddenly we heard a rumour and a line of fancy dressed people occurred at the end of the street. It was a procession of guys in traditional clothes, some even armed 😊

When darkness covered Kotor completely, we came across a festival of child majorettes from different towns of the region taking place on St. Trifune’s Square. A wonderful surprise to end well our day in Kotor (more in my next post).