As the guide says, Petrovac has its stronghold on the seaside rock but it’s really tiny. The visit will not last more then half an hour.

It was drizzling when we were leaving Kotor next morning. Afraid a bit of another queue through the tunnel, we decided to go around Vrmac Peninsula. And it was a paradise experience. Very old but beautifully decorated buildings on the left hand side, extremely narrow and curvy street under our wheels and blue sea half a meter away on our right. Car speed – 30 km / h. Yet the feeling of complete delight and admiration didn’t leave us for long.

Still before noon we reached Petrovac. It took us almost an hour to find our host (streets have no names and some of the buildings don’t even bare numbers). It’s a typical touristic town with a concrete promenade along the beach where all the holiday’s life focuses on. Crowds are passing by in both directions, arrogant Russians are everywhere, prices are impossibly high. Very tasty grilled bream fish advanced the experience but only for a while.

We escaped to see the fortress on the rocky cliff but there was not much to visit there. We noticed a path through high trees curving along the coast and we followed it, together with many other people. It led us first to the Red Tunnel  (the rocks inside had reddish tint indeed) and then out of it onto the beach with huge stones. Unfortunately a new horrifically big hotel was being built there ….

We returned the same way taking photos of azure water and ended the day strolling to the other side of Petrovac beach. There, through a gate in a rock we entered a stony platform with a restaurant and big waves spluttering water over the brims.

The sun was setting romantically but we knew, we left our hearts in Montenegro’s mountains and we had to see them again (more in my next post).