From several museums in Cetinje we chose two and both were very interesting.

We decided that our last day in Montenegro would be slow and calm. We started with passing by all the embassies (Cetinje was Montenegro’s capital for long years before it lost this privilege to Podgorica). Now the buildings room different institutions (a musical school, a library or president’s headquarter).

Then we climbed a steep hill called Orli Krs with a tomb of bishop Danilo on the top. It’s also a good spot for a view all around but especially down on Cetinje. The town is indeed surrounded with mountains from all sides, so it was nearly impossible to reach the interior, additionally defended by brave Montenegrins. Now two roads are cut through hills’ slopes in two directions and the former capital is more accessible for tourists.

First we visited Peter II Petrovic-Niegos museum in Biljarda. This ruler was the most important for Montenegro’s statehood. He was also a poet. We found among many others also the Polish translation of his national poem „Mountain wreath”. Niegos mausoleum was erected on a high mountain in Lovcen. The museum in Biljarda gathers a lot of old documents from his times of ruling, his library (in beautifully decorated bookcases) and many portraits. On most of them he looks very pretty and attractive, almost like a movie star. In fact most of the pictures show the same image – as if he was made an icon already before his death.

The second museum – devoted to royal tokens of king Nikolai I – completely overwhelmed us. Already at the entrance we were stroked by purples mingled with gold. Two huge mirrors one in front of the other reflected their views and multiplied the distance endlessly. Then we walked from one room to the other, admiring expensive royal clothes, heavily decorated furnitures of various sizes and colours, sets of armoury, paintings, huge vases, bears’ furs stretched on the floors and a lot of trinkets. A real feast for the eyes!

iAnd here ends our extraordinary trip to Montenegro. It was a wonderful adventure that I would recommend to any of you. Don’t wait too long. Go there and discover its beauty for your own!