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CFFC – Please, remember me

In Italy relatives and friends place candles to commemorate the souls leaving the world. Continue reading “CFFC – Please, remember me”

CFFC – Be at peace

On this Protestant Cemetery in Rome you can really find silence and calmness. Continue reading “CFFC – Be at peace”

BERGAMO – Frescos of Lorenzo Lotto

This painter decorated also other churches of Bergamo and different Italian cities. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Frescos of Lorenzo Lotto”

BERGAMO – University

There are several divisions of University in Bergamo spread over the city. Continue reading “BERGAMO – University”

BERGAMO – Madonna with dagger

It was Jesus whose heart was stabbed with a sword. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Madonna with dagger”

BERGAMO – Charming courtyard

Wandering along the streets is anyway what I like the most. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Charming courtyard”

BERGAMO – Funicolare trains

There are two trains connecting different parts of the town. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Funicolare trains”

BERGAMO – S. Vigilio castle

The view from the top is wonderful but you won’t find much of the fortress. Continue reading “BERGAMO – S. Vigilio castle”

BERGAMO – Walk to the castle

There are at least 3 ways to get to the castle: challenging, picturesque and easy. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Walk to the castle”

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