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I wish you love…

It might sound so obvious: love will overcome any trouble. But what does love exactly mean? Continue reading “I wish you love…”

WPC – Round and round

She was turning endlessly like a professional adult dancer. Continue reading “WPC – Round and round”

CFFC – I love writing

Writing is my second big hobby, along with photographing. Continue reading “CFFC – I love writing”

WPC – A pattern

Tell me your guess – what is it? Continue reading “WPC – A pattern”

CFFC – Still wooden

In several areas of Poland (especially in the east) the barns are still wooden. Continue reading “CFFC – Still wooden”

WPC – My homeland

I’ve lived here for almost 50 years now and I will never leave it for good. Continue reading “WPC – My homeland”

CFFC – My “twin” photographer

We are both in love with taking pictures and since last year we’ve practiced it together. Continue reading “CFFC – My “twin” photographer”

WPC – It will not return

And that is a good news, as we know very well how it can end. Continue reading “WPC – It will not return”

CFFC – High over the ground

I guess, many of you know well this type of old architecture. Continue reading “CFFC – High over the ground”

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