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CFFC – Frozen quietness

Look around if the Queen of Ice is not approaching in her sleigh… Continue reading “CFFC – Frozen quietness”


WPC – Master of peaks

Brave, cheeky and invincible. Ready to breathe fire each evening. Continue reading “WPC – Master of peaks”

CFFC – Disney’s palace

Only Micky Mouse and Pluto are missing here to change this real scene into a fairy-tale. Continue reading “CFFC – Disney’s palace”

WPC – Illuminated

One could say, these are just a few straws of grass. Continue reading “WPC – Illuminated”

CFFC – Five bells

They were forged and hanged on church’s tower in year 2015. Continue reading “CFFC – Five bells”

WPC – Lifecycle

This year I’ve finally managed to capture the whole life of toadstools. Continue reading “WPC – Lifecycle”

CFFC – Above is only sky

It’s a huge palace – the biggest one in Europe before Versailles in France was constructed. Continue reading “CFFC – Above is only sky”

WPC – With people or without?

This year I started to experiment more with photos. Continue reading “WPC – With people or without?”

CFFC – Memento Mori

Cross by cross by cross. Each marking one human life. Continue reading “CFFC – Memento Mori”

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