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SZYDŁÓW – A defensive synagogue

It’s really well preserved though the interior lost a lot of its glory. Continue reading “SZYDŁÓW – A defensive synagogue”


CFFC – Where is the sun?

I see this view every afternoon when the skies are clear. Continue reading “CFFC – Where is the sun?”

SZYDŁÓW – Medieval walls

Due to the well preserved stony walls Szydłów is called Polish Carcassonne. Continue reading “SZYDŁÓW – Medieval walls”

CFFC – Like an octopus

I must admit, it’s more in my imagination then in reality. Continue reading “CFFC – Like an octopus”

WPC – A view from oil field

It’s dark, sad and bare there. No vegetation, not a single tree. Continue reading “WPC – A view from oil field”

OPATÓW – St. Martin’s church

I especially liked the woodart of the decorated chairs by the main altar. Continue reading “OPATÓW – St. Martin’s church”

OPATÓW – Underground world

Under the main square a net of former cellars can be visited. Continue reading “OPATÓW – Underground world”

CFFC – Owls on the wall

Though in nature they prefer cosy corners, these owls were exposed to the public. Continue reading “CFFC – Owls on the wall”

WPC – Brown sweety

Even in reality I would like to hug this little fur animal. Continue reading “WPC – Brown sweety”

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