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WPC – Flying away

They look beautifully fregile for a few days and then – with the first strong wind – they disappear. Continue reading “WPC – Flying away”

WPC – Religious heritage

This might be nowedays not a popular statement, but European tradition is inseparably linked to Christianity. Continue reading “WPC – Religious heritage”

CFFC – Overwhelming red

There are sunsets you can’t skip from photographing.  Continue reading “CFFC – Overwhelming red”

WPC – Like a picture

A piece of post-German architecture of my hometown Gliwice. Continue reading “WPC – Like a picture”

CFFC – Drifting or standing?

How would you bet: is this wooden log sticking from the bottom or floating on the water? Continue reading “CFFC – Drifting or standing?”

CFFC – Icy decorations

Nature is the most talented painter and sculpturer in th world. Continue reading “CFFC – Icy decorations”

CFFC – Sleeping beauty

This lion sleeps since the end of XIX century when it was casted in Silesian foundry. Continue reading “CFFC – Sleeping beauty”

WPC – Mirrored

The greatest beauty of our Earth lays in its diversity. Continue reading “WPC – Mirrored”

CFFC – Gladiator

Do you remember the initial scene of famous “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott? Continue reading “CFFC – Gladiator”

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