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CFFC – Old beauty restored

The antique fire trucks stand in front of an old tram depot. Continue reading “CFFC – Old beauty restored”

WPC – Unusual size

I hope, you know what it’s. Oh yea, it is a lock 🙂 Continue reading “WPC – Unusual size”

CFFC – A piston

Would you try to lift it? I’m just joking 😉 Continue reading “CFFC – A piston”

CFFC – A jug and a bowl

That’s how the Bathrooms looked like 100-200 years ago. Continue reading “CFFC – A jug and a bowl”

WPC – A black tree …

So where is this Bridge from the WPC challenge? … Continue reading “WPC – A black tree …”

CFFC – Private Home Train

I bet, you’ve never thought about a train as a home device… Continue reading “CFFC – Private Home Train”

WPC – Butterflies come and go …

They came in to Gliwice for the first day of spring but disappeared very quickly. Continue reading “WPC – Butterflies come and go …”

WPC – Flying away

They look beautifully fregile for a few days and then – with the first strong wind – they disappear. Continue reading “WPC – Flying away”

WPC – Religious heritage

This might be nowedays not a popular statement, but European tradition is inseparably linked to Christianity. Continue reading “WPC – Religious heritage”

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