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BERGAMO – Red lions

There are four doors to enter the church of S. Maria Maggiore. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Red lions”

BERGAMO – Arrases and sculptures

There is not a single space in the church of S. Maria Maggiore that is empty. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Arrases and sculptures”

BERGAMO – Amazing ceilings!

I enter this church and for a long while the beauty of interiors takes my breath away. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Amazing ceilings!”

BERGAMO – Piazza Duomo

It gets warm enough to change for a summer dress (24 degrees in shadow). Continue reading “BERGAMO – Piazza Duomo”

BERGAMO – Porta S. Giacomo

This gate can only be reached on foot following a long and curvy pier. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Porta S. Giacomo”

BERGAMO – Porta S. Lorenzo

On the north lays a small gate of St. Laurel. I meet two grass-cuters by it. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Porta S. Lorenzo”

BERGAMO – Porta S. Agostino

Walls in Bergamo are equipped with 4 gates: 3 drive-through and one just for pedestrians. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Porta S. Agostino”

BERGAMO – Venetian walls

They are the most known feature of Bergamo, erected in XVI century. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Venetian walls”

BERGAMO – The sun is rising

It’s an extraordinary show , but you have to be quick to notice it. Continue reading “BERGAMO – The sun is rising”

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