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BERGAMO – The sun is rising

It’s an extraordinary show , but you have to be quick to notice it. Continue reading “BERGAMO – The sun is rising”

BERGAMO – Tastes of Italy

I arrive in Bergamo in the evening, so I only have time for a late dinner. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Tastes of Italy”

BERGAMO – Over the Alps

Bergamo lays on the footsteps of Alps. 聽So I need to cross this mountain range to reach the town. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Over the Alps”

WPC – Slaughtering of innocents

This famous scene of chaos and death is presented on an old arras in Vatican Museums. Continue reading “WPC – Slaughtering of innocents”

ROME – Unity with Manja Mexi Movie

I just had to post these few photos today 馃榾 As an act of unity with the latest article of Manja about Vatican Museums. Continue reading “ROME – Unity with Manja Mexi Movie”

Rzymskie osobisto艣ci – Roman personalities

W Rzymie s膮 setki, je艣li nie tysi膮ce pomnik贸w. Ich szlakiem mo偶na by przej艣膰 ca艂膮 metropoli臋.

There are hundreds if not thousands monuments in Rome. You can follow their track through the whole city. Continue reading “Rzymskie osobisto艣ci – Roman personalities”

Nocne metamorfozy – Night metamorphoses

W dzie艅 Rzym jest monumentalny. Po zmroku przemienia si臋 natomiast w spektakl 艣wiat艂a i cienia.

During the day Rome is monumental. After twilight is turns into a spectacle of light and shadow. Continue reading “Nocne metamorfozy – Night metamorphoses”

W艂oska symetria – Italian symmetry

Oczywi艣cie Rzym pe艂en jest wyszukanych ornament贸w, kwiat贸w, anielask贸w i rydwan贸w. Ale …

Surely Rome is full of sophisticated decorations, flowers, little angels and chariots. But … Continue reading “W艂oska symetria – Italian symmetry”

Rzymskie osobliwo艣ci – Rome’s curiosities

Najfajniejsze w ka偶dym w艂贸czeniu si臋 po mie艣cie jest wy艂apywanie lokalnych ciekawostek. Dodaj膮 one inspiruj膮cych smaczk贸w do poznawanej architektury i ludzi.

The best in any wandering along the city is searching for local curiosities. They add inspirational relishes to the visited architecture and people. Continue reading “Rzymskie osobliwo艣ci – Rome’s curiosities”

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