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WPC – Multi-colour town

These are all houses but their shapes and colours seem to vary endlessly. Continue reading “WPC – Multi-colour town”


BARANÓW – Dragons and monsters

The greatest impression makes the patio with many decorations on the walls. Continue reading “BARANÓW – Dragons and monsters”

CFFC – Entrance

Where do these doors lead to? What world is hidden behind? Continue reading “CFFC – Entrance”

BARANÓW – Royal residence

This renaissance palace was built in XVI century by known family of Baranowscy. Continue reading “BARANÓW – Royal residence”

WPC – At dawn

Wrapped in an early morning freeze, the sun starts to ascend. Continue reading “WPC – At dawn”

CFFC – East European vintage

That might surprise you but my main photo represents pure vintage for us. Continue reading “CFFC – East European vintage”

WPC – Fading away …

You already can’t read anything on this cross. Continue reading “WPC – Fading away …”

KLIMONTÓW – Italian influence

The second church in Klimontów was based on the shape of basilica in Venice. Continue reading “KLIMONTÓW – Italian influence”

CFFC – Sea and air monster

Who is this lady and what is the gift given to her? Continue reading “CFFC – Sea and air monster”

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