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CFFC – A jug and a bowl

That’s how the Bathrooms looked like 100-200 years ago. Continue reading “CFFC – A jug and a bowl”

BERGAMO – Walk to the castle

There are at least 3 ways to get to the castle: challenging, picturesque and easy. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Walk to the castle”

WPC – A black tree …

So where is this Bridge from the WPC challenge? … Continue reading “WPC – A black tree …”

BERGAMO – Flowery rains

These flowers look gorgious and I try to pin them whenever I can. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Flowery rains”

CFFC – Private Home Train

I bet, you’ve never thought about a train as a home device… Continue reading “CFFC – Private Home Train”

WPC – Fading bottle

Can you see the bottle? Was it really there? If yes, it must have been a huge one! Continue reading “WPC – Fading bottle”

BERGAMO – House of cardinals

The gate is closed but the building is visible through it. Continue reading “BERGAMO – House of cardinals”

BERGAMO – 700 000 books

This is the collection of Angelo Mai library located in Plazzo Nuovo. Continue reading “BERGAMO – 700 000 books”

BERGAMO – Piazza Vecchia

This square is a political centre of Bergamo, somehow in contrary to religious Piazza Duomo. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Piazza Vecchia”

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