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WPC – Man or devil?

Naked, dirty, frightened or just sad. Who am I? Continue reading “WPC – Man or devil?”


CFFC – Three women

Sitting over the wooden bar high above, they keep guard over the house. Continue reading “CFFC – Three women”

ZAKYNTHOS – Artistic soul

The beauty of island transfers into masterpieces of art. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Artistic soul”

WPC – Ready to be sown

I love spring with its promise of new life. And you? Continue reading “WPC – Ready to be sown”

CFFC – Still life with apples

It looks like a perfect scene for a painter to work on. Continue reading “CFFC – Still life with apples”

WPC – Glowing cross

In the mists of autumn morning, things tend to look differently… Continue reading “WPC – Glowing cross”

ZAKYNTHOS – 2000 years of life

It’s unbelievable that a single being can exist for so long! Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – 2000 years of life”

CFFC – Icy dough

Do you see the consistency of the snow over these Alps’ peaks? Continue reading “CFFC – Icy dough”

WPC – Forest of flowers

Have we landed in the middle of gigants’ world? Continue reading “WPC – Forest of flowers”

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