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MONTENEGRO – Moraca Canyon

Moraca is the second biggest river in Montenegro, cutting this country into right and left part. The surface of the water is however quite difficult to see. Continue reading “MONTENEGRO – Moraca Canyon”


MONTENEGRO – Introduction

A country of stunning beauty, tiny land hidden in high mountains, a nation of proud and stubborn people. Continue reading “MONTENEGRO – Introduction”

WPC – Round and round

She was turning endlessly like a professional adult dancer. Continue reading “WPC – Round and round”

WRONKI – Growing upside down

The story says that under this pine great treasures are burried. Continue reading “WRONKI – Growing upside down”

CFFC – I love writing

Writing is my second big hobby, along with photographing. Continue reading “CFFC – I love writing”

WPC – A pattern

Tell me your guess – what is it? Continue reading “WPC – A pattern”

BIAŁA – Paradise of herons

If you are not accustomed to perfect silence, you might even feel uncomfortable there. Continue reading “BIAŁA – Paradise of herons”

CFFC – Still wooden

In several areas of Poland (especially in the east) the barns are still wooden. Continue reading “CFFC – Still wooden”

WPC – My homeland

I’ve lived here for almost 50 years now and I will never leave it for good. Continue reading “WPC – My homeland”

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