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AGADIR – Suk waking up

We come back for a while to Agadir to visit its suk. I arrive there for the first time in the morning to see, it’s just about to wake up. Continue reading “AGADIR – Suk waking up”

MAROCCO – on the way to Essaouira

Second trip leads us a bit further – to Essaouira. On the way we stop by a picturesque seaside. Continue reading “MAROCCO – on the way to Essaouira”

AGADIR – Fishing harbour

Harbour in Agadir rooms not only yachts, but also fishing boats for sardines, stacks of nets and freshly grilled fish eaten straight from the table. Wonderful feeling of homeliness and range of adequate scents. Continue reading “AGADIR – Fishing harbour”

AGADIR – everlasing mist

What do you mainly associate Africa with? Overhelming heat. But not in Agadir in August. Continue reading “AGADIR – everlasing mist”

AGADIR – Voracious sardines

In yacht harbour we were mainly busy with feeding of sardines. Even a small piece of bread created instantly a huge turmoil and jostling as if these fish have been starving for many days. Continue reading “AGADIR – Voracious sardines”

AGADIR – Yacht harbour

Our first tour leads us to Agadir’s yacht harbour. Agadir was completely destroyed by earthquake in 1960 (15,000 people died). Continue reading “AGADIR – Yacht harbour”

CFFC – Where is the cleaner?

It might not be comfortable, but it’s an essential element of shoe-cleaner workshop in Marocco: a chair. The second are brushes. The third – the skills. And the forth – much hope that there will be enough customers each day to feed a family. Continue reading “CFFC – Where is the cleaner?”

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