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WPC – Telling the story

Although sometimes I got lost what it’s all about … Continue reading “WPC – Telling the story”

WPC – Walking flowerpots

I love to watch how much creativity is hidden in human’s brain. Continue reading “WPC – Walking flowerpots”

CFFC – Velo-ciraptor

It’s a dangerous animal (if it’s alive it would surely eat you). But … Continue reading “CFFC – Velo-ciraptor”

WPC – Opposite city

City of Ghent consists of two worlds: upper (dry) one and lower (wet) one. Sometimes you may get much surprised how different they are. Continue reading “WPC – Opposite city”

CFFC – Follow the lights

This is more like an imaginary path. If you follow the lights, you can discover hidder worlds of beauty and wonder. Continue reading “CFFC – Follow the lights”

CFFC – Red bricks and little chapels

You would know from the first look that you are in Belgium. The old towns of Ghent, Brugge or Andwerp are full of red-bricked buildings of 200, 300 or 400 years of age. Continue reading “CFFC – Red bricks and little chapels”

Beguinages of Ghent – Beginaże gandawskie

In Belgium beguinages survived in a few towns: Ghent, Brugge, Kortrijk.

W Belgii beginaże przetrwały w kilku miastach: Gandawie, Brugii, Kortrijk. Continue reading “Beguinages of Ghent – Beginaże gandawskie”

Last beguine – Ostatnia beginka

Beguinages that survived till present times come usually from XVI and XVII centuries.

Beginaże, które przetrwały do naszych czasów, pochodzą najczęściej z XVI i XVII wieku. Continue reading “Last beguine – Ostatnia beginka”

Beguines working – Beginki pracujące

Though beguines lived in their enclaves surrounded with walls, they do not lock themselves there as nuns or monks.

Choć beginki żyły w swoich enklawach otoczonych murem, nie zamykały się w nich jak mniszki lub zakonnicy. Continue reading “Beguines working – Beginki pracujące”

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