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BERGAMO – House of cardinals

The gate is closed but the building is visible through it. Continue reading “BERGAMO – House of cardinals”

BERGAMO – 700 000 books

This is the collection of Angelo Mai library located in Plazzo Nuovo. Continue reading “BERGAMO – 700 000 books”

BERGAMO – Piazza Vecchia

This square is a political centre of Bergamo, somehow in contrary to religious Piazza Duomo. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Piazza Vecchia”

BERGAMO – Candles in front of cathedral

The lights look phenomenal in the dark but announce a sad event. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Candles in front of cathedral”

BERGAMO – Chapel and donkeys

It’s Palm Sunday so these animals shall not be a big surprise to you. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Chapel and donkeys”

BERGAMO – Colleoni Chapel

Its colourful fasade strikes me immediately when I enter Piazza Duomo. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Colleoni Chapel”

BERGAMO – White lions

My next visit to Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore is via Portal of White Lions. Continue reading “BERGAMO – White lions”

BERGAMO – Red lions

There are four doors to enter the church of S. Maria Maggiore. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Red lions”

BERGAMO – Arrases and sculptures

There is not a single space in the church of S. Maria Maggiore that is empty. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Arrases and sculptures”

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