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CFFC – My “twin” photographer

We are both in love with taking pictures and since last year we’ve practiced it together. Continue reading “CFFC – My “twin” photographer”

JANOWIEC – Castle in stripes

What draws  my attention from the very beginning were the red and white stripes on the facade. Continue reading “JANOWIEC – Castle in stripes”

CFFC – High over the ground

I guess, many of you know well this type of old architecture. Continue reading “CFFC – High over the ground”

SZYDŁÓW – Royal castle

The castle is incorporated in the medieval walls surrounding the town. Continue reading “SZYDŁÓW – Royal castle”

CFFC – Lady in Orange

This dress looks amazing but also a bit inconvenient… Continue reading “CFFC – Lady in Orange”

WPC – Unusual size

I hope, you know what it’s. Oh yea, it is a lock 🙂 Continue reading “WPC – Unusual size”

BERGAMO – S. Vigilio castle

The view from the top is wonderful but you won’t find much of the fortress. Continue reading “BERGAMO – S. Vigilio castle”

BERGAMO – Walk to the castle

There are at least 3 ways to get to the castle: challenging, picturesque and easy. Continue reading “BERGAMO – Walk to the castle”

WPC – Religious heritage

This might be nowedays not a popular statement, but European tradition is inseparably linked to Christianity. Continue reading “WPC – Religious heritage”

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