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CHĘCINY – Church and market

At the foot of the castle lays the church of St. Bartholomew. Continue reading “CHĘCINY – Church and market”

WPC – Eagle’s nest

High on the hill, rocks and bare land around, deep moat and elevated bridge… Continue reading “WPC – Eagle’s nest”

CHĘCINY – Walking paths

There are two ways to get to the castle, both on foot 🙂 Continue reading “CHĘCINY – Walking paths”

CHĘCINY – High on the hill

The castle is situated on a high hill – 360 meters – and is well visible from the far. Continue reading “CHĘCINY – High on the hill”

CFFC – From the abyss

Are these stairs going from hell to heaven? Continue reading “CFFC – From the abyss”

CHĘCINY – Castle of Kings

It was king Łokietek (łokieć = elbow) who owned the castle as the first in XIV century. Continue reading “CHĘCINY – Castle of Kings”

UJAZD – Bishops’ castle

The splendor is still there – but only from outside. Continue reading “UJAZD – Bishops’ castle”

CFFC – Celje castle

You need to climb a few tens of stairs  in Frederich’s tower to have this splendid view over the low and high castle of Celje. Continue reading “CFFC – Celje castle”

KAMIENIEC – A pearl of architecture

Wide steepy stairs used to lead to the palace, through a carefully designed park. Continue reading “KAMIENIEC – A pearl of architecture”

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