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CFFC – Old beauty restored

The antique fire trucks stand in front of an old tram depot. Continue reading “CFFC – Old beauty restored”

CFFC – A piston

Would you try to lift it? I’m just joking 😉 Continue reading “CFFC – A piston”

CFFC – A jug and a bowl

That’s how the Bathrooms looked like 100-200 years ago. Continue reading “CFFC – A jug and a bowl”

CFFC – Private Home Train

I bet, you’ve never thought about a train as a home device… Continue reading “CFFC – Private Home Train”

CFFC – Emotions enchanted in stone

You may know the saying: “As cold as a stone”. But you would not say it about this pair of “lovers” from the main photo. Continue reading “CFFC – Emotions enchanted in stone”

CFFC – Overwhelming red

There are sunsets you can’t skip from photographing.  Continue reading “CFFC – Overwhelming red”

CFFC – Drifting or standing?

How would you bet: is this wooden log sticking from the bottom or floating on the water? Continue reading “CFFC – Drifting or standing?”

CFFC & WPC – Meet the alligator…

I couldn’t resist choosing this photo once again, this time for WPC challenge. It perfectly suits the theme, don’t you think? 😀 Continue reading “CFFC & WPC – Meet the alligator…”

CFFC – Icy decorations

Nature is the most talented painter and sculpturer in th world. Continue reading “CFFC – Icy decorations”

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