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OLKUSZ – Small is beautiful

Very often these are not huge buildings but the tiny details that attract me the most. Continue reading “OLKUSZ – Small is beautiful”

SZYDŁÓW – St. Ladislav Church

On the doorstep at the side I found a key to the secret place … Continue reading “SZYDŁÓW – St. Ladislav Church”

CFFC – In front of God…

… we are always alone. It’s our private conversation with a Power that is beyond our understanding. Continue reading “CFFC – In front of God…”

OPATÓW – St. Martin’s church

I especially liked the woodart of the decorated chairs by the main altar. Continue reading “OPATÓW – St. Martin’s church”

CFFC – Entrance

Where do these doors lead to? What world is hidden behind? Continue reading “CFFC – Entrance”

KLIMONTÓW – Italian influence

The second church in Klimontów was based on the shape of basilica in Venice. Continue reading “KLIMONTÓW – Italian influence”

KLIMONTÓW – Old frescos

We were led to the “secret” room behind the main altar to see these treasures. Continue reading “KLIMONTÓW – Old frescos”

KLIMONTÓW – Dusty pearl

Two huge churches in such a small village make a great impression. Continue reading “KLIMONTÓW – Dusty pearl”

CFFC – Grey minimalism

There are not many colours on this photo.  Continue reading “CFFC – Grey minimalism”

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