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ESSAOUIRA – Narrow streets of medyna

So we say farewell to Essaouira, walking back for a while in quiet and narrow streets of medyna. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Narrow streets of medyna”

ESSAOUIRA – Purple Islands

From walls of Essaouira we can easily see Purple Islands (Ile de Mogador). Crowds of seagulls and protected Eleonora’s falcons slide over the remians of old prison. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Purple Islands”

ESSAOUIRA – Bamboo juice

Some places on suk in Essaouira resembled our street markets from the democratic breakthrough. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Bamboo juice”

ESSAOUIRA – Old town

Medyna (old town) in Essaouira was included into UNESCO list in year 2001. It’s main part was conquered by suk – typical Arabic market where you can easily get lost… Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Old town”

ESSAOUIRA – Blue boats

Fishing port in Essaouira is full of blue boats (similar to Agadir). I couldn’t find out if this color has any meaning (brings luck, attracts fish). Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Blue boats”

ESSAOUIRA – Mighty fortress

Essaouira (in Arabic As-Sawira / previously Mogador) was founded by Portugueses at the beginning of XVI century who built here a fortress Castelo Real de Mogador that’s survived till today. Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – Mighty fortress”

ESSAOUIRA – town of winds, birds and blue boats

Tiny, charming, picturesque. It would be good to come here early in the morning when only wind whistles over the stony paths of fortress (and there are no crowds of tourists). Continue reading “ESSAOUIRA – town of winds, birds and blue boats”

MAROCCO – on the way to Essaouira

Second trip leads us a bit further – to Essaouira. On the way we stop by a picturesque seaside. Continue reading “MAROCCO – on the way to Essaouira”

CFFC – Blue and white Marocco

The colours in Marocco are very vivid and eye-catching. Especially blue often mingles with white. Continue reading “CFFC – Blue and white Marocco”

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