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WPC – Ready to be sown

I love spring with its promise of new life. And you? Continue reading “WPC – Ready to be sown”

CFFC – Clean energy

I guess, this photo can be used by an electrical power provider 😉 Continue reading “CFFC – Clean energy”

CFFC – Brown end of summer

Do you see these lights – soft and indistinct – that cover the tree? Continue reading “CFFC – Brown end of summer”

WPC – A black tree …

So where is this Bridge from the WPC challenge? … Continue reading “WPC – A black tree …”

WPC – Butterflies come and go …

They came in to Gliwice for the first day of spring but disappeared very quickly. Continue reading “WPC – Butterflies come and go …”

WPC – Like a picture

A piece of post-German architecture of my hometown Gliwice. Continue reading “WPC – Like a picture”

CFFC – Sleeping beauty

This lion sleeps since the end of XIX century when it was casted in Silesian foundry. Continue reading “CFFC – Sleeping beauty”

CFFC – Gladiator

Do you remember the initial scene of famous “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott? Continue reading “CFFC – Gladiator”

WPC – Under the flower

Can you imagine the density of smell coming from this flower at midday in full sun? Continue reading “WPC – Under the flower”

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