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ZAKYNTHOS – Farewell to the island

I hope, you enjoyed this short walk along the island by my side. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Farewell to the island”

ZAKYNTHOS – Mysterious Cameo

Is it an ancient place of worship? Or a gathering point for fairies and wizards? Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Mysterious Cameo”

ZAKYNTHOS – Artistic soul

The beauty of island transfers into masterpieces of art. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Artistic soul”

ZAKYNTHOS – 2000 years of life

It’s unbelievable that a single being can exist for so long! Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – 2000 years of life”

ZAKYNTHOS – My private paradise

This is the place I should end up next time when I go to Zakynthos. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – My private paradise”

ZAKYNTHOS – Hundred of beaches

Summer holidays are too short to visit all of them. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Hundred of beaches”

ZAKYNTHOS – 13 bottles of wine

Yes, this is the number of glasses that we tasted in Callinico vineyard. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – 13 bottles of wine”

ZAKYNTHOS – Tastes of the Island

I guess you know very well the dish from the main photo. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Tastes of the Island”

ZAKYNTHOS – Lady Turtles

These are mostly women that come to the island from May till August. Continue reading “ZAKYNTHOS – Lady Turtles”

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