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MAROCCO – Concrete snakes

August is the driest month in Marocco. But from November till spring lasts so called “rainy season”. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Concrete snakes”

MAROCCO – Through Atlas Mountains

Road to Marrakesh leads us through Atlas Mountains. Their peaks exceed the height of our Tatra Range. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Through Atlas Mountains”

MAROCCO – On highway to Marrakesh

Though the highway inside Marocco was opened not a long time ago, its influence on the massive tourism is already visible. Continue reading “MAROCCO – On highway to Marrakesh”

CFFC – Beware of bisons and mad lorries!

You might imagine huge herds of bisons coming accross the highway from one part of desert to the other. But what to think about trucks crossing your road in the middle of nowhere? … Continue reading “CFFC – Beware of bisons and mad lorries!”

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