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WPC – Just a hill

We – bloggers – have shot so far millions of photos with sunrises and sunsets. Continue reading “WPC – Just a hill”

WPC – Brown sweety

Even in reality I would like to hug this little fur animal. Continue reading “WPC – Brown sweety”

WPC – At dawn

Wrapped in an early morning freeze, the sun starts to ascend. Continue reading “WPC – At dawn”

WPC – Spring awakening

This is one of nature’s miracles that continually amazes me. Continue reading “WPC – Spring awakening”

WPC – Illuminated

One could say, these are just a few straws of grass. Continue reading “WPC – Illuminated”

CFFC – Let it be spring!

It’s always a surprise to me when all the plants start to bloom in spring. Continue reading “CFFC – Let it be spring!”

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