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CFFC – Trees from Rabacal

They are a few hundreds years old but they are still full of life. Continue reading “CFFC – Trees from Rabacal”

WPC – Nostalgic sunrise

For me the most unique ambience will always be created by nature. Its shapes, colours, sounds and smells cannot be replaced by any artificial factors. Continue reading “WPC – Nostalgic sunrise”

CFFC – Yellow fortress of Funchal

Its deep yellow colour grabs your attention but as you approach it, the deterioration is much visible. Continue reading “CFFC – Yellow fortress of Funchal”

WPC – From the misty mountains

There are no natural wells on Madeira from which the rivers could spring off. Yet the place is called “The island of gardens”. Continue reading “WPC – From the misty mountains”

CFFC – Wooden stairs of Madeira

Madeira island is all about peaks and hills. Ideal conditions for the water to fall fast down. Continue reading “CFFC – Wooden stairs of Madeira”

WPC – Faces looking at you

Old town of Funchal (Madeira) was deteriorating. Abandoned houses, empty windows, destroyed doors. To save it from the final decay, the authorities decided to change it into an open-air gallery. Continue reading “WPC – Faces looking at you”

CFFC – Flower symbol of Madeira

With their orange and blue colours they resemble Birds of Paradise – and from it they took its British name. Continue reading “CFFC – Flower symbol of Madeira”

WPC – Volcanic necks on Madeira

The history of earth can be learnt at best on Sao Laurenco peninsula on Madeira island. A walk down to the last accessable point unveils a dramatic story of volcanic activity inscribed on the steepy rocks of the coasts. Continue reading “WPC – Volcanic necks on Madeira”

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