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Market in Agadir

AGADIR – Bundles of hens

A separate part of suk was devoted to birds’ market. Living animals were sitting squeezed in tiny cages or layed down on the ground with their feet tied in bundles like parsley. Continue reading “AGADIR – Bundles of hens”

AGADIR – Smell of spices in the air

There odors on suk came mostly from spices and herbs, piled in little mountains and hills as well. I was especially delighted with the big bundles of peppermint that is added here to every single heavily sweetened tea (which is drunk in Marocco in litres). Continue reading “AGADIR – Smell of spices in the air”

AGADIR – Piles of carrots and olives

I come back on suk in Agadir. It’s ready and vivid. Here carrots are not sold in one piece or ten, but in whole piles gathered in mountains a little bit against gravity rules. Colors and odors simply intoxicate! Continue reading “AGADIR – Piles of carrots and olives”

AGADIR – District of poverty

Waiting for suk to wake up, I go out to the other part of town – district of poverty. Here pavements are plowed with holes, streets littered and houses tiny and and neglected. Continue reading “AGADIR – District of poverty”

AGADIR – Suk waking up

We come back for a while to Agadir to visit its suk. I arrive there for the first time in the morning to see, it’s just about to wake up. Continue reading “AGADIR – Suk waking up”

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