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Market in Marrakesh

MARRAKESH – Secret mixtures

We say farewell to suk in Marrakesh while visiting the “production plant” of cosmetics and spices. A tiny room where walls are covered with jars full of “secret” mixtures. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Secret mixtures”

MARRAKESH – Simple life

Suk in Marrakesh fascinates us also with its everyday living that for us seems to be so exotic. Water drinking facility with a rope and street bar “straight from the table”. Chameleon in cage as a home pet. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Simple life”

MARRAKESH – Ocean of tints

Beautifully dyed wool and leather – in hands of skillfull craftsmen – are transformed in Marocco into dresses, shawls, handbags, shoes and carpets that can hang on our walls as decorations or pictures. In this ocean of tints world becomes wondefully happy. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Ocean of tints”

MARRAKESH – Rainbow clay

Today I invite you to watch Maroccan goods made of clay: bowls, plates, mugs and jugs so big that we could hide inside them. All colors of rainbow to look at. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Rainbow clay”

MARRAKESH – Colours of wool

In tiny spaces dye workshops were also located: stony tubs and bamboo sticks for stirring. Drying out colorful wool threads were almost touching our foreheads while we were passing by. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Colours of wool”

MARRAKESH – Wrought padlocks and … scorpios

On suk in Marrakesh wrought crafts district was quite expanded. We pushed our way through enormous padlocks and the whole collection of scorpios, decorated grills and sophisticatedly bended frames for beds, openwork lanterns and cages for birds. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Wrought padlocks and … scorpios”

MARRAKESH – Districts of craftsmen

Suk in Marrakesh is divided into districts with different specialities in each of them. There are districts of craftsmen and districts of final goods. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Districts of craftsmen”

MARRAKESH – Cobweb of paths

Major part of medyna in Marrakesh – alike in Essaouira – is covered by suk. Its immensity is intensified by narrow streets, tiny alleys, shadow and crowds of moving people. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Cobweb of paths”

CFFC – Along alleys in Marrakesh

The main photo is obvious: an elegant alley in centre of Marrakesh. But for the other 4 photos you need to use a bit of imagination to follow the little paths along colourful market’s stands.

Continue reading “CFFC – Along alleys in Marrakesh”

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